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Houston Firm Awarded Project to Develop Greenhouse Gas Management Model

Houston Texas, October 16, 2011 – E-ndeavor Program Management, Inc., a Houston-based firm again helps Panama Canal to be Greener with the award of the new Greenhouse Gas Model.

After successful completion of the Panama Canal Competitive CO2 Analysis Model that allows the Canal to determine which routes are greener, the expert team led by E-ndeavor Program Management Inc. was awarded this Greenhouse Gas Analysis Model to give the Panama Canal Authority the insight into their Operational Emissions and the impact of reduction plans such as replacing old equipment and their efforts to mitigate the emissions with projects such as reforestation.

E-ndeavor Program Management, Inc. will lead the formation of this consortium and acted in the role of program, project and communications manager for the project.  Novix, a strategic operations and risk modeling will act as the model builder. TEC Inc. will provide the environmental consulting to establish the formulas used in the model.

With the completion of this model, the Panama Canal Authority now has the ability to calculate their own environmental “footprint” and direct their efforts to be a better steward of the region and our planet.

This web-based GUI and shared workspace solution facilitates collaboration between C-level decision makers and the internal and external risk and business analysts and allows the Model to be integrated to the PCRCAM Model released in October 2010. This created a very powerful tool that allows the Autoridad del Canal de Panama to analyze the impact of CO2 emissions on transportation routes.

Brad Walker, President of E-ndeavor Program Management states, “This complete picture of the Panama Canals emissions “footprint” and more importantly the effects of their environmental projects will give the Canal Authority the tools to be a Greener Global Partner”.

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