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Demand Model Integration Model Press Release

Houston Texas, March 22nd 2011 – Panama Canal Authority awards Demand Model Integration Project to Consortium led by Houston Firm E-ndeavor Program Management, Inc.

This is a triple play for consortium members as they completed the Panama Canal Competitive Route Choice Analysis Model (PCRCAM - a competitive pricing analysis software model) in October on time and on budget, and were awarded the CO2 Model Project last week.  Today the Panama Canal Authority announced the award of the Demand Model Integration Project to consortium partners E-ndeavor Program Management Inc., NOVIX Inc., TEC Inc., and Drewry Shipping Consultants Inc.

E-ndeavor Program Management, Inc. led the formation of this consortium and will act as program, project and communications manager for the project.  Novix, a leader in financial, strategic operations and risk modeling will make enhancements to the PRCRAM model and translate and existing Demand Model to their CubePlan TM  platform then integrate it into the PCRCAM model. Drewry Shipping Consultant, Inc. will provide U.S. intermodal and maritime transportation expertise and Data for the project. This Model will be built on CubePlan TM, the mathematical modeling platform developed by Novix Inc and successfully implemented in the previous PCRCAM Model.

With the completion of this model enhancement, translation and integration project the Panama Canal Authority will; have the ability to assess additional cost factors and route choice decision factors, calculate Total general Cost by route, have a methodology and calibration scheme for estimating market share and have this all integrated into a demand calculation that is fed back into the route choice model.  This will give powerful and valuable new insights into the price and demand sides of the maritime transportation decision process.

This web-based GUI and shared workspace solution facilitates collaboration between risk and business analysts and the C-level decision makers and allows the Model to be integrated to the PCRCAM Model released in October 2010. This creates a very powerful tool to allow the Autoridad del Canal de Panama to analyze the impact of market drivers on the decisions the Canal Authority makes for their success and the good of the maritime industry.

Luis Crespo, CFO of E-ndeavor Program Management states, “We are certain that with the world-class partners we have engaged we will produce yet another valuable business decision tool to aid the Panama Canal in charting its successful future.”

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