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CO2 Model Press Release

Houston Texas, March 15th 2011 – Panama Canal Authority awards CO2 project to Consortium led by Houston Firm E-ndeavor Program Management, Inc.
Upon the heels of a successful completion of the Panama Canal Competitive Route Choice Analysis Model (PCRCAM - a competitive pricing analysis software model) the Panama Canal Authority awarded the CO2 model contract today to consortium partners E-ndeavor Program Management Inc., NOVIX Inc., TEC Inc., and Drewry Shipping Consultants Inc.
E-ndeavor Program Management, Inc. led the formation of this consortium and will act as program, project and communications manager for the project.  Novix, a leader in financial, strategic operations and risk modeling will developed the CO2 model and perform. TEC Inc. will provide the environmental consulting to establish the formulas used in the model. Drewry Shipping Consultant, Inc. will provide U.S. intermodal and maritime transportation expertise and Data for the project. This Model will be built on CubePlan TM, the mathematical modeling platform developed by Novix Inc and successfully implemented in the previous PCRCAM Model.
With the completion of this model, the Panama Canal Authority will have the ability to calculate CO2 emissions per route and per cargo ton, TEU or Car Equivalent unit for each route and further defined by factors such as engine, fuel and transport type.
Since this model will calculate emissions for route that may use multiple transportation modes it will depend on times and distances from the identified sources to destinations using precise data about the modes of transportation and the terminals where the cargo transitions from one mode to another. The transport from inland source to a marine terminal or marine terminal to destination could include any combination of truck and/or rail transport requiring consideration of equipment type, size and type of fuel used in Ports, terminals, Emission Control Areas (ECA’s) and for overland and waterbound inland route segments.
This web-based GUI and shared workspace solution facilitates collaboration between risk and business analysts and the C-level decision makers and allows the Model to be integrated to the PCRCAM Model released in October 2010. This creates a very powerful tool to allow the Autoridad del Canal de Panama to analyze the impact of CO2 emissions on transportation routes.
Brad Walker, President of E-ndeavor Program Management states, “We are excited to have the confidence of the Panama Canal Authority in assisting them in this development of another business intelligence tool.”
For additional information on this type of solution or how E-ndeavor Program Management Inc. can assist your business in competing for commercial contracts in the Americas please contact us