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PCRCAM Press Release

Houston Texas, March 1st 2011 – E-ndeavor Program Management, Inc. announces the successful completion of the Panama Canal Competitive Route Choice Analysis Model (PCRCAM) a competitive pricing analysis software model for the Panama Canal Authority with partners, NOVIX, Drewry and Lumina. 
E-ndeavor Program Management, Inc. led the formation of the consortium and acted as program, project and communications managers for the project.  Novix, a leader in financial, strategic operations and risk modeling developed the model and performed financial consulting. Partner Drewry Shipping Consultant, Inc. provided U.S. intermodal and maritime transportation expertise and Data for the project.  This web-served Model was built on CubePlan TM, the mathematical modeling platform developed by partners Novix and Lumina.

The Panama Canal Authority now has the ability to establish route costing and competitive route analysis as well as competitive pricing analysis.  This effective tool for strategic operations, financial and risk forecasting is a forward-looking solution with a very user-friendly graphical interface with superb calculation power and stability.

This web-based GUI and shared workspace solution facilitates collaboration between risk and business analysts and the C-level decision makers. The model allows importing and exporting data from: flat files, spreadsheets, databases, data cubes, etc. Inputs can be automated from existing transactional systems, as well as critical live market or trend data. This creates a very powerful tool to allow the Autoridad de Canal de Panama to analyze the impact of proposed tariff changes and to compare the cost of canal routes versus alternate routes.

Brad Walker, President of E-ndeavor Program Management states, “We are excited to have completed, on time and on budget, this world-class planning tool to assist the Panama Canal Authority to make important and intelligent decisions in the face of this turbulent economy.”

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