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Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.

-- Pubilius Syrus


Selected Testimonial

 E-ndeavor played significant roles in both securing and progressing the assignment, importantly bringing multi-disciplinary business, negotiating and project management skills that supported the technical consortium members, enabling them to focus on their specialist project inputs, and ensuring that this large assignment was completed on time and within budget.

Mark Page  - Drewry Shipping Consultants Inc.
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Maritime Decision Planning is more crucial than ever…

The Global Freight Movements Industry is changing at an ever-increasing rate and staying competitive means having and retaining the ability to:

Maritime Routes of the World

Our Port and Logistics Model Sets can include:

  • Cost Model
  • Competitive Analysis Model
  • Market and Demand Model
  • Economic Impact Model
  • Environmental Impact Model


  • Funding ROI Model
  • Intermodal Cost and Planning Model
  • Financial Risk Model

and other custom solutions





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