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-Benjamin Franklin

Selected Testimonial

 It is a pleasure working with you and the professional staff at E-ndeavor Program Management Inc. The leadership, preparation and support you are providing for the Panamá projects are key to our success.

John Rydlund TEC Cardno
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Maritime Market and Demand Consulting and Modeling

Whether you operate Port or terminal facilities, Liner operations, Inland Port or other Transportation related business we can give you the valuable insights you need to be more competitive in the rapidly changing economy. An antique dial showing ship speed as "Full Speed Ahead"Our Market and Demand Consulting practice begins with working with your analysts and regional industry experts we select. We then develop a clear understanding of Forecasted Demand for all the segments (individually and aggregated) of your business. The assumptions and determinations are then used by our strategic Modeling Team to develop a set of integrated custom modules to allow you to calculate demand while taking into account:


Port Demand Model Influence Diagram

Maritime Route Choice Influence Diagram

Most demand calculation models, until now, have been based in the econometric analysis of past demand. Unfortunately this approximation is insufficient because of the market disruptions suffered during the 2008/2009 international economic crisis. Our approach to improve this is based on determining the specific market drivers to which your operation and its clients are sensitive and to determine what new commodities and markets could be served if the port and the “outside- the fence” constraints are removed or altered.

This Demand Model can be integrated into custom: