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 It is a pleasure working with you and the professional staff at E-ndeavor Program Management Inc. The leadership, preparation and support you are providing for the Panamá projects are key to our success.
John Rydlund TEC Cardno
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Regional Economic Impact

It is ever more important to understand and be able to accurately communicate the impact your operation has on the region it serves and beyond.  This model will allow your Port facility or Maritime operation to calculate the economic impact of all decisions made by you and your related stakeholders within your economic influence region.



Regional Economic Impact Analysis


Constraints Quantitative Modules

These modules will allow the definition of the constraints that your operations and other stakeholders face today to receive the increased traffic expected from the Panama Canal expansion as well as the evolution of global maritime traffic.
It will require an assessment of all the terminals and facilities, creating a detailed analysis of the kind of work to be performed, the time and cost of each investment, possible financing sources and the constraints that disappear once in operation.

Additionally a cursory survey is to be made for other types of infrastructure that, while not belonging to your operation, generate constraints for it (railroad, highways, transloading centers, etc). The objective of this work is to assist you to create fiscal promotion/incentives for outside the fence stakeholders to participate.

Regional Economic Drivers

In order to analyze the regional economic impact of all activities carried out by the you and your stakeholders, it's important to understand which economic, financial and demographic drivers your areas of influence. This module will allow the calculation of the relative impact for each of the drivers to determine the effect of decisions made by you and stakeholders in the regional economy.

Regional Economic Matrix

This module is an open or “incomplete” input-output matrix which will allow the calculation of the direct and indirect impact on other sectors of the regional economy by analyzing the decisions made your operation. (for example the results of a decision to buy a large crane locally or to import it.)

Economic Growth Indicators

This module will create an estimation of economic growth indicators for the your region, translated into jobs created, tax revenue increase (city, county, state and federal) and new private investment arriving to the region as a consequence of your decisions.